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Aero-plastics-1Aero-Plastics Inc. has been serving the metal and plastics industries since 1945.  The Renton based company's core competencies are Injection Molding, CNC Machining and Integration of small assemblies for aerospace and other commercial industries.  In 2013 Aero-Plastics produced over one million parts.

In its injection molding division, Aero-Plastics produces plastic parts utilizing 40-500 ton capacity machines, which translate to parts weighing less than an ounce to over three pounds.  Aero-Plastics molds all thermoplastic resins including high temp engineered resins commonly used in the aerospace industry.  The company also offers value added processes such as ultrasonic welding, pad printing and die cutting.

Aero-plastics-3With its machining division they manufacture both plastic and metal products with 3 and 4 axis vertical and horizontal mills, as well as turning centers equipped with live tooling, 4 axis and sub spindle capabilities.  Their envelope for machined parts is generally a little less than 40 inches long and up to 20 inches high.  Materials that Aero-Plastics commonly machine are nylons, phenolic, Teflon, Torlon, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and many others.


What makes Aero-Plastics special
The key to success at Aero-Plastics stems back to its core values.  Aero-Plastics truly believes and never forgets that dependability is the key to its existence.  It is their extreme attention to detail that allows them to achieve their cost, quality and delivery levels.   Aero-Platics is proud to have earned the Boeing Performance Excellence Award for seven straight years.  The company's performance has also earned them the Boeing Supplier Of The Year award for 2013.  All Aero-Plastics customers receive the same service; quality parts, on time, at a competitive price. Anything short is unacceptable.

What does PNAA Membership mean to Aero-Plastics?

According to Aero-Plastics, General Manager Mike Brown, "Aero-Plastics has been a PNAA member for many years.  Being a PNAA member has allowed us to stay connected with the industry.  The breakfast meetings are a great venue for networking as well as educational.  The newsletters and publications are a great source of information.  The annual meeting probably has the most impact.  The content at the meeting is exceptional and extremely valuable to leaders of aerospace companies.  Aero-Plastics exhibits each year and we leave with a significant amount of sales leads.  The PNAA team does an excellent job organizing this event."