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Graco-ribbon-cuttingFor over 50 years, Graco Supply has been a nationally recognized leader in the supply of adhesives, sealants, paints, lubricants, tapes, and MRO products to the aerospace and industrial markets.

Graco Supply is ISO9001:2008, AS9100, and AS9120 certified and NADCAP accredited. Additionally, Graco Supply is one of the few US authorized Airbus suppliers.

The company has a footprint across the U.S. with locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Washington. It is able to stock and supply frozen materials in various locations across the U.S. The company's newly opened Kent Facility has a sub-zero freezer on site, which allows stocking of frozen materials, such as adhesive films, temperature-sensitive adhesives, and pre-mixed frozen sealants.  Graco Supply is an authorized distributor for many aviation and aerospace product lines including 3M Aerospace, 3M Industrial, Henkel, Huntsman, and AkzoNobel among others. 

The company's long-lasting and valuable relationships with manufacturers allows them to repack materials to customer specifications.  This enables customers to quickly purchase smaller quantities and sizes which may normally be hard to find. 

One such agreement is with AkzoNobel, an authorized tinting facility. This means that Graco Supply-Wichita can provide custom paint colors, Fed Std 595 colors, and MIL-PRF-85285 spec paint. All orders come with an Akzo Standard Cert. The lead time on these paints is much shorter than traditional AkzoNobel materials – often ready to ship in 2-5 days. These materials are also less expensive than standard Akzo paints. Finally, there is no minimum buy on quarts and gallons. Graco Supply is the largest distributor of AkzoNobel paint in the US.

According to Nici Sandberg, Marketing and Communications Manager at Graco Supply, "Being a PNAA member, has given Graco Supply access to and the ability to build rapport with key aviation industry leaders. Being newer to the area, we’ve used the PNAA as an avenue for learning more about the aviation industry in the Pacific Northwest. We were also able to attend the PNAA Annual Conference in February, which allowed for networking and lead generation."

Graco Supply has been a PNAA Member since 2013.

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