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Membership Spotlight:

AIM Aerospace, Seattle, WA

AIM Aerospace-72AIM Aerospace is a leading Aerospace composite manufacturer with three locations in the greater Seattle area.  AIM employs over 1,000 highly skilled team members specializing in the manufacture of light-weight composite ducting and secondary structural composites. AIM is also well known for the design, certification, and manufacturing of cabin interior monuments such as First/Business Class Furniture, Specialty Lavatories, and Galleys.  AIM products are represented on practically all Boeing and Airbus aircraft models.

The US division of AIM Aerospace was originally formed in 1988 as AIM Aviation when it assumed the assets of KME Enterprises (Aircraft Interiors) of Renton.  The Renton facility has produced aircraft parts continuously since 1975.  The Auburn and Sumner locations were added to the group in 1995 and 2007 respectively.  Ultimately, the AIM group consisted of three US and three UK companies.  The UK companies were sold to a private investment group in 2010 and have retained the AIM Aviation name primarily providing interior products. 

AIM Award-72AIM Aerospace is distinguished in maintaining the same management team for over a decade with a focus on building systemic integrity.   LEAN manufacturing is a principle of this culture and contributed to AIM being awarded Spirit Aerosystems 2014 “Supplier of the year” for quality and deliveries. 

PNAA membership has been very beneficial to AIM Aerospace in the ability to attend the functions and seminars sponsored throughout the year.  The annual Aerospace Conference is a “must attend” affair with a line-up of speakers rivaling international events.  The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance effectively organizes the resources of the local aviation community for all to benefit. 

AIM Aerospace has been a PNAA Member since 2009