Connecting Aerospace Interests

PNAA is a 501C6 Trade Organization that represents the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Cluster: North America‚Äôs largest commercial aerospace manufacturing cluster which centers round The Boeing Company just outside of Seattle, Washington.  With members and affiliates around the world, PNAA strengthens the manufacturing supply chain through dynamic events designed to inform aerospace leaders, connect aerospace interests, and inspire industry collaboration and innovation.  

PNAA is has 14 board members who are responsible for oversight of PNAA's CEO and Executive Director Melanie Jordan.  For CEO or Board Member informtion, please click on the photos below.  

 PNAA Leadership

2018 Melanie2018 Ted2018 JohnG2018 ChrisN2018 TomS

2018 TomB2018 DarrellB2018 DianaC2018 JC2018 BillK

2018 JimL2018 NikkiM2018 FrankN2018 MarcyR2018 JimS

2018 KevinS