Beyond COVID: A Focus on Sustainability, Technology and Opportunities

The aviation industry has survived one of its toughest challenges yet with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Virtually no sector escaped the human and financial stresses of the past two years, with air traffic grinding to a halt. Furloughed staff, parked aircraft, shrinking maintenance and manufacturing demand spoke volumes about the state of the industry.

From this bleak picture emerges a rebounding industry to meet the demands of air travel – with strength and passion. As all sectors brush away the cobwebs and resume operations, it's an opportune time to focus on the issues of today and the future. Out of necessity, these issues had been put “on hold”. New power plant technology, more efficient operating and maintenance procedures, sustainable fuels, and reduced airtime (thanks to space-based navigation) are coming down the runway. Airports are looking at systems and procedures to improve aircraft handling by reducing taxi times and gate turnarounds while updating ground handling equipment with more environmentally friendly support systems. In short, climate change, emerging technologies, and new fuels amid an ever-changing landscape of day-to-day challenges are the subjects of today and tomorrow.

If we rise to this challenge and turn it into opportunity, aviation will be on course to be a leading industry in the reduction of carbon emissions and environmental impacts. If not, we risk serious backlash.

Please join us as our panelists and speakers explore the current and future initiatives. See what's here today and what lies ahead.

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Event Date Sunday, May 15, 2022
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