International Aerospace Innovation Forum 2022

The International Aerospace Innovation Forum is an event that brings together the entire global aerospace ecosystem to promote innovation, best practices and exchange on curent and future challenges and opportunities.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on the aerospace industry. Border closings led to a sudden and almost total halt in air transport which in turn resulted in a sharp slowdown in the delivery and maintenance of aircraft. The supply chain was significantly weakened, forced to reduce production rates and lay off talent that was already very difficult to retain.

While the recovery will take longer in aerospace than in other industries, we have shown remarkable resilience and agile resourcefulness, taking advantage of the downturn to optimize and improve operations and production methodologies. Whether it is the results of the work carried out by Aéro Montréal in 2020 as part of the Alliance for the Aerospace Recovery – which were reflected in government announcements made in the summer of 2021 – or the analysis of the orientations of international recovery plans, the conclusion is unanimous: the aerospace recovery will be green, inclusive and sustainable.

Québec possesses the assets to be recognized as a leader in this green recovery thanks to its abundant and competitively priced renewable natural resources and an ecosystem of pioneers working on innovation projects helping shape the transportation value chain of tomorrow. 

This recovery will not be possible without a qualified and available workforce and an inspired next generation, ready to take up the innovation challenges that will profoundly transform the character of our industry.

2022 edition of the International Aerospace Innovation Forum

As a result, Aéro Montréal will dedicate the 8th edition of the event to international collaboration and the acceleration of innovation to meet the challenges of the environmental shift – one that will combine industry needs with those of society at large. More than ever, the industry’s goals are to meet societal challenges – low-carbon travel and connecting remote populations – all within a framework of sustainable growth that promotes diversification and inclusion. This major shift can only be achieved through a collective and international approach.

To achieve our ambitious goals, it will be essential to shape the talent of tomorrow and to have the right human resources in our ranks to accelerate the green shift. The aerospace industry faced a severe labour shortage before being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and forecasts predict an even greater shortage when the crisis ends. For these reasons, it is imperative, starting now, to send strong and inspiring messages to the next generation by showing them the innovative, exciting and challenging fields in which they could contribute to.

The last months have taught us how to work in an agile and innovative way to offer engaging activities while respecting the health constraints linked to COVID-19. Based on this experience, we want to offer a hybrid event in 2022 that will enable participants from here and abroad to benefit from the experience that best suits their needs. Participants, who will be present at the Palais des congrès de Montréal or remotely (via a web platform) will be able to attend plenary sessions, conferences and workshops.

Each year, this major event in our calendar is an opportunity to showcase Québec's aerospace industry to a local and international audience, to strengthen our relationships on a global scale, and to highlight a country's expertise in aerospace innovation.

The United States will be the country of honour!

The event will kick off International Aerospace Week - Montréal 2022 from September 6 to 8, 2022, where more than 2,000 Canadian and international aerospace and information technology decision-makers, professionals, media and students are expected to attend, both in-person and virtually. The International Aerospace Innovation Forum is the largest gathering of aerospace leaders in Canada. 

Event objectives:

  • Confirm Montréal’s position as the world’s 3rd largest centre of aerospace expertise
  • Take stock of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the aerospace industry and recovery plans
  • Underscore the importance of the link between environmental innovation, inclusion and sustainability for the recovery of the aerospace industry
  • Present key technological advances in global aerospace
  • Stimulate aerospace innovation in Québec by sharing strategic issues and best practices
  • Increase business opportunities through person-to-person networking
  • Attract and inspire the next generation of workers to the industry
  • Strengthen links between global aerospace leaders and the Québec aerospace ecosystem
  • Mobilize the main players in the field around current innovation strategies
  • Demonstrate the benefits for foreign companies to participate in the Québec aerospace ecosystem
  • Encourage partnerships and collaboration among the various organizations and institutions

Event Theme:

The 2022 edition entitled, “Journey to the heart of sustainable air mobility”, will focus on three major themes:

  • Innovation and Inclusion: Reviewing the structure of collaborative models to accelerate positive changes in the industry and society by building on diversification and inclusion
  • Innovation Zones: Exploring and mapping catalysts for R&D and accelerating the commercialization of innovative solutions
  • Emerging Technologies: Short, medium and long term solutions to meet both climate and economic goals

Target Audience:

We are expecting all the major players in the global aerospace industry, both private and public, to attend:

  • Major global industry leaders and visionaries;
  • Companies of all sizes and from multiple fields;
  • Representatives from universities and research centres;
  • Public decision-makers, students and local, international and trade journalists.

Event Information

Event Date Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Event End Date Wednesday, September 7, 2022
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