Aerospace Defense Market Outlook with Ron Stearns

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Graphic reading: PNAA Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance - Aerospace Defense Market & Budget Update Hosted by Ron Stearns Tuesday Sept 8th 12:00pm Virtual Event


Aerospace Defense Market & Budget Update

Join us for a special market outlook with renown aerospace analyst Ron Sterns.  Ron will share the latest aerospace defense forecast, budget update and production forecast for the year to come.  Learn more here. He will be sharing about the commercial-air transport impacts he has seen in the past six months and will take a high-level look at U.S. DoD unmanned systems developments as well as points of discussion for commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) markets domestically.

Join this special event for:

  • An understanding of the aerospace defense budget for the year to come
  • Learn about target aerospace defense programs, so you can focus your business
  • The outlook for different defense segments, like UAV
  • Open Q&A with Ron Stearns

**Please note that we will not have our normal Weekly Webinar during this time.

 Proceeds support PNAA and the work that we are doing to support the aerospace industry during COVID-19

Event Information

Event Date Tuesday, September 8, 2020 12:00 pm PT
Cost Optional $25
Location Virtual