PNAA's Supplier Showcase: Pioneer Human Services

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Graphic reading: PNAA Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance - Supplier Showcase and Virtual Tour Oct 8th - Pioneer Human Services - Mark Behrends, VP - 2019 PNAA Inspire Award

Supplier Showcase:
Pioneer Human Services

Winning the 2019 PNAA Inspire Award, Pioneer Human Services has endeavored to be a loud, unified voice for people with criminal histories, ensuring that every person they serve has an opportunity to transcend their past and be embraced as a valuable member of society, an inspiring message which can be heard and felt across the state since 1963. Their mission is to support the transition of people back into the community and work to eliminate discrimination because of criminal histories.

Committed to providing career paths that lead to economic stability, they support their employees in pursuing these paths through a range of education opportunities from apprenticeships tracks to 100% college tuition payment. Today, Pioneer Human Services has grown to be a leading organization in Washington State that offers an integrated array of services that provides more than 10,000 people a year with the tools they need to build better lives. 

Hear from VP Pioneer Enterprises, Mark Behrends about Pioneer Human Services as they open their doors for a virtual tour of the factory.

*PNAA’s Inspire Award honors businesses & Individuals in the aerospace community that have shown exceptional creativity in working with schools to share the activities of manufacturing in an overall effort to cultivate interest and skills leading to aerospace careers.

 Proceeds support PNAA and the work that we are doing to support the aerospace industry during COVID-19

Event Information

Event Date Thursday, October 8, 2020 11:00 am PT
Cost Optional $25
Location Virtual