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July 25, 2019 from noon to 1pm: Networking Webinar

Going Paperless on the Shop Floor

Stories from the Trenches

Join Paul Van Metre and others for a roundtable discussion about down-and-dirty difficulties on the shop floor. From obsolete paperwork to implementing new systems, whether you're using spreadsheets or software we are digging in to the tough issues in this one.

And what are the true benefits of automating the manufacturing process? Afterall, these tried and true paper systems are still working so well. Change brings a ton of questions, and implementation can be difficult, even when the answers come easy.

This call is the place to hear from other shop managers/owners who have been through it, or are beginning to review their options in implementing more automation in order to improve efficiencies, employee moral and the bottom line.

All this and you don’t even have to leave your desk. You can also dial-in and stream live this networking event from your phone wherever you are.

Webinar Host: Paul Van Metre

President & Co-Founder, ProShop ERP

Implementation specialist: TBD 

Paul Van Metre, co-founder and President of ProShop USA, said, “ProShop software represents a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem or ERP 4.0. It enables smaller shops to easily manage their business with a big data, manufacturing-analytics approach, including shop floor monitoring of part quality inspection, work instructions and tool management.”


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