Connecting Aerospace Interests

Apulia Region, Economic Development, Employment and Innovation Policy Department / Apulian Aerospace Cluster
Theresa Mulloy, Project Manager Apulia Region - SPRINT Puglia Italy
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The Apulia Regional Government of Italy promotes the aerospace sector in Apulia in major international markets.  Apulia is a dynamic region of the South-east of Italy where companies have been involved in the aeronautics sector since 1934. Continuous investments in research and development have turned Apulia into a centre of excellence in the aerospace sector which boasts one of the largest industrial concentrations of aerospace firms in Italy and where numerous companies have chosen to locate state-of-the art production facilities.

The companies based in Apulia operate in diverse business specialisations: "fixed-wing", "rotating-wing", propulsion and aerospace software.

In 2008, the Apulia Region promoted the setting up of the Apulian Aerospace Cluster (DAP).