Connecting Aerospace Interests

Rosemary Brester, Hobart Machined Products and HB Aerospace LLC

PNAA’s Chairman’s Award is presented to the individual, company or organization that has in PNAA’s discretion, made the greatest contribution through innovation or growth, thus raising the industry standard of the Aerospace Industry in the Pacific Northwest. PNAA’s Chairman Ted Croft awarded Rosemary Brester the 2016 Chairman’s Award for her dedication and outstanding leadership and her amazing ability to welcome new aerospace ventures to the industry.

Rosemary Brester2Rosemary Brester’s fascination with Aerospace began in 1958 when she curiously watched the first Boeing 707 jet take off from Renton Field. She may not have known it at the time, but the excitement of that flight would lead to a 40-year career machining aerospace parts with her husband, Larry, at Hobart Machined Products (HMP) -- a company they built together.

From its inception, HMP was known for its quality workmanship and quickly became one of Boeing’s top suppliers. Rosemary, a high school graduate with a background in Home Economics, learned machining from her husband and would machine door latches for the Boeing 727 from their garage while their children napped. Skills from her home economic days transitioned well into production machining and her interest in creating efficiencies and organization propelled the small machine shop to the next level.

Over the years, HMP expanded its operations well beyond Rosemary and Larry’s garage -- and well beyond Boeing. The company would add a 3,000 sf facility in Hobart and an 8,000 sf facility in Ellensburg. They would manufacture precision machined products for a host of aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics companies, as well as the U.S. military.

“Rosemary’s success in aerospace can be attributed to many qualities,” said PNAA Chairman Ted Croft. “She is organized, focused, and has a keen eye for making improvements and creating opportunities. But what I think sets her apart is her ability to connect with the people around her.”

“Rosemary was one of the first people I met when I started coming to WAA/PNAA events. She was always welcoming and introduced me to many people. I truly believe that she wanted me and many other businesses to succeed. And she would go out of her way to try to figure out how we could do business together. Her spirit of community is unparalleled and the Northwest aerospace industry would be very different without her,” said Croft. “Because of this, I chose to award her with the PNAA Chairman’s Award.”

Rosemary3Today, in addition to being president and CEO of HMP, Rosemary is managing partner of HB Aerospace LLC, a joint venture with Bowmill Engineering, Poole Dorsett, in the United Kingdom. She earned her associates degree from Green River College, and has added many professional certificates to her impressive resume. Her love of community finds her serving on numerous community and educational boards and committees involving youth and workforce education.

In the early years of HMP, Rosemary was often the only woman at the table, a situation she still encounters at times today. However, she has worked hard to develop programs that she shares with young women seeking a greater awareness of STEM career opportunities in collaboration with Edmonds Community College: Expanding your Horizons. Rosemary and her team have developed an internship program based on STEM for students in high school, community college and 4-year university programs. Since the inception of the program they have worked with over 14 students during the past 10 years, continuing to work with many of them today.